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At Universe Painting , team of experts successfully carry out projects of any size and complexity. We are specialized in all kinds of painting services including interior, exterior, commercial, industrial, residential,roof painting and many more. Our team offers the most up-to-date, sustainable solutions.  We only source materials from tried and trusted suppliers that meet our exacting standards of quality control. In 2005, the company took a long step to establish in Perth, Western Australia. With 15 years of expirence, Latif has personally and successfully developed Universe Painting Contractors to be regarded amongst the very best professional painting companies in Perth. We have built an enviable reputation in the painting sector. Our multi-faceted, versatile painting services team can complement both your commercial or residential projects to ensure ontime quality completion. We guarantee the highest quality service and a professional finish every time. We believe that quality matters and quality lasts. With Universe your guaranteed the highest of standards. Every project is special to us whether it’s your home or business.

Did you know that there are different types of paint available, and each of them are recommended only on certain areas or surfaces?  Are you also aware that there are different finishes available for you to choose from?

Primer – although not technically considered a paint but applied in the same way, primers are vital in a painting project because it functions as an
adhesive to make paint adhere better and provides a smooth surface for easier painting, and also acts as a base for a new paint color.

Whitewash – comprised of powdered chalk or slaked lime, water, and size and is used to whiten walls.

Concrete or cement paint – water-based paint that has cement as its other base and is used for concrete walls that need good water and dirt resistance.

Bituminous paint – consist of coal tar or asphalt bitumen and is alkaline-resistant, which makes it best for structures that get frequently exposed to water, as well as exterior iron and metal works.

Epoxy paint – gives off a shiny finish and is commonly used as floor covering on commercial and industrial structures.

Luminous paint – also known as glow in the dark paint and is used for signboards and signs, especially on roads. It can be either fluorescent, radioactive or self-luminous, or phosphorescent paint.

Rubber paint – water-based paint that can stand harsh conditions and water exposure, making them perfect for pools.

Metallic paint – suitable for metallic surfaces, it contains metals like aluminum, bronze, copper, and stainless steel that gives its metallic finish.

Aluminum paint – also has a metallic finish but its silvery surface makes it reflective, which is perfect for retaining heat in hot air and water tanks and pipes.

Textured paint – paint mixed with grains like sand and gypsum that gives a rough feel when applied, which is a good alternative to wallpaper and is perfect for hiding flaws on walls.

Anti-corrosive paint – applied on iron and steel surfaces and prevents damage resulting from corrosion or oxidation.

Fungicidal paint – prevents the growth of fungi due to its special additives To get your desired look, you also must check out the different paint finishes available.

Flat – Non-reflective, Least durable, Cheapest ,Attracts dirt easily and is challenging to clean, Resistant to water, as it is water-based, so water damage is minimal

Matte – Like flat paint but has a bit of sheen and more durable, Feels like velvet when touched, Offers a deeper color when painted,Best for ceilings, covering up walls with imperfections, and rooms that are rarely used

Eggshell – Can look matte or shiny, depending on the viewing angle, Has an increased durability, but retains a somewhat matte finish, Easy to clean, Best for house interiors, wood, living room, dining room, and spaces that have less traffic.

Satin – Similar to an eggshell finish, but has more gloss to it, Washable, making it easy to clean Has a velvety appearance, Best for all rooms, especially hallways, children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and family rooms.

Semi-Gloss – Has better durability and more shine that reflects light, Can resist moisture and stains well, Holds up well when scrubbed clean, Will show surface imperfections, Best for all interior and exterior surfaces, kitchens, bathrooms, high traffic areas

Gloss – Has the most sheen, which makes it reflect light the most and it unsuitable for walls, Will easily show any surface imperfections, Most durable, Can be cleaned easily and multiple times without damaging the paint, Best for cabinets, baseboards, trims, moldings, doors, fireplaces,
and other decorative accents.

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