Roof Painting

Roof Painting

Are you looking for painting experts to get your roof painted at affordable rates? Universe Painting are specialize in roof painting and have made a mark in the painting industry with our quality painting services. Roof painting can immensely add to the curb appeal of your home or business. It can also help prevent more costly repairs down the road. Roof painting is a great option to make your roof look as good as new, without the big costs of replacing it completely. We can paint any type of roof,  including colorbond, terracotta tiles and concrete tiles. Roof painting can be dangerous work so hiring a professional, experienced and insured team is the best option for most people who need their roof painted. We offer expert advice and handle roof painting professionally on time and budget.

Painting a tile or tin roof is a cost-effective way to get back the polished look of a brand new roof, as opposed investing in a complete roof replacement. Before you can begin selecting your ideal paint colours, the first step is to assess the roofs current condition and plan the preparation required for repainting the roof. During the pre-painting inspection, the Vivify roofing team will identify: any damaged roof tiles or tin sheets  crack or missing mortar moss buildup that requires additional cleaning any existing paint that may be flaking off Condition of valleys that may be rusted and flashing. Some tile roofs may even require ridge cap restoration prior to painting.

Can I paint a rusty tin roof?

Many homes around perth have an existing tin roof that may be  rusted, and a colorbond conversion is not within budget.

Depending on the condition of your tin roof it may be possible to paint the roof  after a thorough cleaning of the rust.

There are different types of the severity of rust on a tin roof that will determine if it is in a condition suitable for repainting.

The Universe Roofing team can get rid of any loose surface rust by using high-pressure water jet. After cleaning the roof with a high-pressure water jet, a etch primer is required to ensure\ maximum adhesion of the new paint. The etch primer will cover the entire the roof.

Once the primer has completely cured, the new paint of your chosen colour is then applied. A lot of high-quality coatings are available in the Australian market and offers a guarantee of up to 7 years and warranty spanning 20 years depending on product selection and the roofs previous condition

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